- Lyolik, it is not aesthetically acceptable...
- But cheap, reliable and practical!

For instance, a customer is opening a bar for connoisseur of wine and he has a wonderful and the best in a city wine menu. The customer asked his aide to order unusual container to drink wine and assigned a task to make «quickly, cheap, unusually and profitably»

Executor - (we are а serious company), completing the order, even if it is not on time, presents a cut out of water bottle in a form of glass.

A dialog between customer and executor:

Customer: - ???

Executor: - What? Cheap? Cheap. Unusually? Unusually. Quickly? Quickly. In fact others could not do it so quickly. It looks like a glass, even if it has been made out of plastic?!
The most important is that a drunken client can not break a glass! The order is done, accept it, you are presenting your bar tomorrow.

Customer: - Yea, technically it is like this, you are quite right. Pack up them by the bar.

Executor: - Will you give us an invitation to the opening ceremony?

Customer leaves, closes inside his cabinet and … drinks.

p.s. The customer, has opened a bar, sells wine and succeeds. He succeeded after «the reanimation of water bottle» into the present glass.

In fact correctly developed glass, being exclusive elegance and smooth character of lines with an absolute transparency of crystal, helps to open completely depth and color scale of any wine, to understand and to feel not only taste, but also a fresh bouquet of elegant aroma, emphasizing the soft and counterbalanced tannins, strengthening and keeping a magnificent combination of taste, aroma and color.

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