Can design of a site cost cheaper only because it is called to be a «business card» but not a «shop-window»? Never!

There are no tariffs!

So, how is it possible to appraise a design beforehand?

Can design of a site cost cheaper only because that it must be «business card» but not «shop-window»? Never!

From technical point of view, YES! From the technically but no more.

For example, a customer wished to have on his site a ball pen that is sold in each shop.

Technical solution of the given task by difficulties of execution:


  • put the first photo, that was found from  www.google.ru , typing a keyword «pen», forgetting that this one is fountain pen of Parker DUOFOLD Pearl&Black Centennial acryl, nacre and it costs 750$ ( it takes no more than 5 min)
  • go to the nearest shop, take a photo and put bad quality photo ( it takes no more than 30 min and 15 min of them to have a walk).
  • buy a pen from the nearest shop, make a photo session, chose the best from them, work out and put high quality image on the site (it takes the half of a working day).
  • buy a pen from the nearest shop and draw it (it will take a half or more of a working day)
  • buy a pen from the nearest shop and use various technology and opportunities of graphical program and get the result (not less than one working day)

Actually, there is no design. There is only various ways for technical execution of the given task.

The first two results we do not use. If we used them, we would have tariffs.

That is why, Your Majesty Client, we offer you a commercial price after we meet and discuss the demands for working out a project.

There are no tariffs! Actually!


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