Round table

  •  There was held round table for all registrars of domain in the UZ. Zone on December 26, 2007. The round table was conducted by Djalolatdin Rakhimov, the director of UZINFOCOM Center. In the round table took part the staff of the center and representatives from «Tomas», «Amaliy Aloqalar Biznesi» (ВСС), «Sarkor Telecom», «Global Study», «Arsenal-D», «TV-Inform».On the agenda there were discussed the issues on providing the domain registration services in regions, corporation issues with Monitoring Center on the facts of infringements of the legislation on sites, issues against the domain-grabbing and the domain- squatting, raising the whois service on generic domains in UZ zone.
  •  At the meeting Rakhimov D. presented «Regulations about the order of registration and using domains names in UZ zone» for familiarization, underlined the results of popularization and promotion of the national domain names and asked them to be more active.
  •  Moreover, there was accepted a resolution to work out the decision to develop the rules and technologies of software network interaction between Administrator and the software of Registrars for maintenance of automatic or semi-automatic booking, registration and the control of domains services.
  •  At the end of the round table the registrars were given certificates, confirming the right on registration domain in UZ zone, and presents.