The meeting of registers 2008

The registers were given the new certificates, giving a right to register domain names in the UZ zone. There was held round table for all registrars of domain in the UZ. .

  • The round table was conducted by Djalolatdin Rakhimov, the director of UZINFOCOM Center.In the round table took part the staff of the centre and representatives from «Tomas», «Amaliy Aloqalar Biznesi» (ВСС), «Sarkor Telecom», «Billur Net», «Arsenal-D», «TV-Inform», «Simus».
  • Giving new certificates.
  • Considering a new variation of contract for the services of registers.
  • - discussing the issues of working with new Regulation about domain names;
    - issues of API introduction;
    - condition of registers` sites;
    - issues of solving problems.
  • There was done general photo of participants at the end of the meeting.