You lose a lot, being afraid of creating a site with new ideas. The client knows the company only in that measure in what he knows its site. The sites are worked out not with scamper, but with jogging.
The great sites are not created with great ideas and obstacles.
The more insipid is a site, the more difficult it is for understanding.
It is necessary to work out such a site so that it would be desirable to repeat.
It is important to know not what ideas you have, but how you will embody them.
A designer, wishing to create site, should use on this all his essence.
To do a site for yourself - to smoulder, for the partner - to burn, and for clients - to shine.
The main thing to understand on time, what is important for you: qualitative or cheap site.
A site is the most important, the most wonderful and necessary in the life of hosting.
The main goal of «Arsenal» is to show what he can do better.